Courtney Sage

I am a licensed massage therapist, certified energy worker, wholistic lifestyle coach, and registered yoga teacher. a seeker of adventure, with a deep desire to discover. The key player in my own life, writing my own rules. a rider of the waves, appreciating the ebb and flow of the tides. A lover of the journey, practicing love every step of the way. A rebel spirit, consciously pushing  boundaries while also having the ability to create them.  I am an active participant in the natural growth cycle of my life and the universe. I desire to show up fully and embrace empowered flow. I practice trust, love, and devotion. I challenge myself to stay open as I contract and expand. I follow abundance. I never stop getting to know all versions of myself, allowing my light and shadow qualities to be acknowledged and appreciated through my authenticity. I use my intuition to gain access to personal and universal truths. I willingly dive into the mystery of the deep end. I get excited about living wholeheartedly.

The wholistic practice I provide connects body {through massage therapy and yoga}, mind {through lifestyle coaching}, and energy {through reiki and chakra balancing}. It is an interconnected system, all intertwined, all coming together to make us who we are. Together we may just work with one aspect of the system, through one aspect of the work I do. But I believe my understanding of the system as a whole, adds value to all of the work I provide, whether separate or comprehensive. Because I know that when we work with these parts of ourselves in a combined effort, incredible results are possible. When we acknowledge all aspects of our wholistic self, we are able to gain awareness that supports healing, inspiration, and motivation for us to create a life that we desire. I strive to facilitate this movement, physically, mentally, and energetically. Through making connections to what causes contraction in our body, mind, and energy, we are able to release what does not serve us and may have kept us stuck, which then allows us to seek expansion and discover freedom to be happy and healthy. 

I love to work with people who wish to get curious and discover, who want to live differently, who are not afraid to shake things up, who choose to live a life full of love, who desire an expansive abundant existence, who appreciate adventure, who want to embrace their authentic selves, who are open to the journey and finding gratitude for all that it beholds, who are willing to find their own flow within the universal current, who are intrigued by energetic connections, who are brave enough to say they crave support, who respect space and boundaries, and of course, those who just want a damn good massage. 

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