Align with the Seasons 

spring BOX

a subscription box for you body, mind, and energy

when we can align our outer worlds and inner worlds, we are integrate the forces for our full wholistic potential. i have come to honor all of the seasons, just as i have with all sides of myself. it is all of it, light and shadows and everything in between, that makes us whole. this wholeness is an ancient wisdom. and the inspiration for me creating this series and subscription. 
the virtual box and physical box align, so dive into both for the full potential of this offering, as my intention is for it all to support you in discovering alignment as you dive into the season.

spring is rebirth. we are stepping out of winter, seeing glimpses of what has changed during our period of rest. the ground is thawing, creating mud that really is just the nourished soil, ready to be a place for everything bloom. what would you like to see bloom this spring? how can you support that? how can you support yourself in creating that? how are you blooming this season? i give you permission to bloom into the fullest version of yourself and seek the alignment that assists you in that process? this box focuses on the body, mind, and energy, and how to align it all with spring.

Physical Box:


for you body…

*Soothing muscles salve

*Passion aromatherapy mist

*resistance band

*spring detox tea blend with cloth tea bag


for your mind…


*tarot cloth

*cleaning drops

*wooden egg

*milagro charm bracelet


for your energy…

*smudge stick

*citrine crystal

*3 spring horoscope themed candles

*himalayan sea salt chunk

*rabbit foot key chain

Virtual Box:

For your body: one hour yoga class with resistance band stretches and breath work

For your mind: masterclass

For your energy: astrology and playlist

Plus… journal prompts, action steps, and my Ride the Waves ebook

Would you also like to receive

my 24 mantras to spring ahead???

Align Spring Retreat5%2F4.png

We will gathering in to circle to celebrate the season through..

*meditation and energy work

*themes of spring and how to apply them to our lives

*astrology of spring and working with your personal birth charts

*learning about Feng Shui bagua maps and how you can use them for spring cleaning

*making our own floral arrangements to take home

*diving in to manifesting

*tapping in to our creativity

*feeling in to how we want to bloom authentically

*aligning body, mind, and energy for the season

*connecting with other women

*eating yummy fresh foods