Align with the Seasons 

a subscription box for you body, mind, and energy

when we can align our outer worlds and inner worlds, we are integrate the forces for our full wholistic potential. i have come to honor all of the seasons, just as i have with all sides of myself. it is all of it, light and shadows and everything in between, that makes us whole. this wholeness is an ancient wisdom. and the inspiration for me creating this series and subscription. 
the virtual box and physical box align, so dive into both for the full potential of this offering, as my intention is for it all to support you in discovering alignment as you dive into the season.

summer edition

summer is a time to be present, to notice beauty, to lean into joy, to nurture our abundance. this season is yin energy, feminine, flowing, tender, plentiful. summer starts off in the sign of cancer, which is guided by the moon, so strongly feminine. cancer loves to nurture. as we move out of gemini, where we were pollinating, spreading ideas, gathering wisdom. we bring it back home with cancer, making it time to tend to our own homes, to our selves, to enjoy what we have created.

Physical Box:


for you body…

*body oil

*sea salt spray

*essential oil roller

*summer bliss tea blend with cloth tea bag


for your mind…


*colored pencils

*love and strength flower essence

* birch flower press


for your energy…

*fluorite crystal

*cedar fire starter


*birch & basil tote

*Solstice Silver bangle

Virtual Box:

For your body: one hour yoga class with restorative poses

AND fitness video by Kayla Burbridge

For your mind: masterclass

AND goal setting plan by Emily Cassel

For your energy: astrology and playlist

AND summer energy by Judi Vitale

Plus… journal prompts, action steps, compass ritual, and travel tips



Kayla Burbridge

Kayla is an ACE certified personal trainer with a Bachelor degree in Business. Her passion is to help women create strong and beautiful bodies. Kayla discovered this passion through experiencing the therapeutic power of getting in the gym and just sweating it out, and also by seeing the transformation that you can make with your body. Kayla’s goal is to help women not to be afraid to lift weights and find strength physically, mentally, and emotionally. She creates easy to follow programs with videos showing exactly how to perform the exercise with proper form. Each program lays out how many reps, sets, and rests in between sets. Everything is already done, you just have to get in the gym and follow along. Kayla creates ready to go programs, but creates customized programs as well.


Emily Cassel

Emily Cassel is a Leadership + Business Coach for ambitious & high-achieving women entrepreneurs across the globe. Through private + group coaching, a high-level mastermind, and gorgeous retreats, Emily helps women leaders to shift out of “hustle” mode and into a state of freedom, flow, and fulfillment so that they can launch, scale, and grow the soul-led businesses that make powerful impact and profitable income. Emily is also the host of the podcast, Sexy Soulful Success, where she facilities visionary conversations with women entrepreneurs & leaders that re-define success and womanhood for modern-day change-making women.


Judi Vitale

Judi Vitale has a long history as a personal consultant, writer, and speaker, and has been seeking greater meaning her whole life. Through the Wellness Institute in Issaquah, WA, Judi became a Certified Transpersonal Coach and practitioner of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy®. She is currently finishing her masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling at the Institute's Graduate School, and serves as a teaching assistant for their Advanced Internship Program. She is certified as an EMDR Consultant and Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator by Dr. Jamie Marich's Institute for Creative Mindfulness, an RYT-200 Yoga Instructor and a Reiki Master...and also happens to be a rather well-known astrologer.


Allison Sage

Allison Sage is a self trained silver smith, finding inspiration for her unique pieces from Native American traditional jewelry, leading her to create her business Solstice Silver. Although she currently resides in Pittsburgh with her partner and their two beautiful children, her heart is in nature… desert, mountains, and ocean alike. She travels to Arizona every year to revitalize this part of her to fuel her creativity, as well as camping with her family throughout the summer months. Alli is always strengthening her mastery of working with silver while she also is currently in a herbal studies program. She aims to promote healing through both becoming an herbalist and with her intentional jewelry that is made with hand picked stones that are chosen for their energy, metaphysical properties, and deeper meanings. Check out and purchase pieces through the link below on her Instagram @solsticesilver.

would you like to learn how to become aligned with finding your own happiness???