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I just graduated from Mentor Masterclass with Jeannine Yoder and am so thrilled! It was absolutely amazing!  Throughout the program I grew as a coach, expanding my skills, gained an immense amount of tools, and transformed into a more true, authentic, and better version of myself.  As I move forward as a wholistic lifestyle coach, I will be offering more programs and services, so stay in touch! I am currently offering a three month coaching program called 'Write Your Own Rules.'

I invite you now to join me in finding your path of bliss and wellness! Please sign up below to join my email list, where you will receive updates, special offers, and joyful information about how to live the life you dream of and be the best and most well you. You will also receive my "True You Self-Care Guide" when you join, which contains a weekly self-care checklist and daily affirmations.

I am currently offering a complimentary 60 minute "Illumination Session" ($80 value) to each new client, where we will shed light on how we can transform your life and health for you to achieve your fullest bliss and wellness and live a life full of light and be guided by what lights you up. In this time, we will also discuss my available programs and your opportunity to truly invest in yourself and your life.  Please email me at mscourtneysage@gmail.com to schedule or book your session today by going to my TREAT YOURSELF tab.

I am so very proud of you and of course so happy that I get to receive your insights, experience and guidance every two weeks myself!!! Your coaching is truly about finding what works best for us individually. Your allowing me to find me and to work out what I need in my daily life and how to achieve it. I love the emails you send me after our sessions and I always feel so inspired and wanting to “show up” for myself. Good luck Courtney - I hope others watching this and questioning if they should sign up or not will realize how amazing this program will be for them. You are so worth that coffee I was buying everyday or that little cereal bar for a quick snack. My money is being spent on myself in such a more positive, helpful, constructive better way for me - I just had to make some choices and I am learning I am so worth it!! Thank you Courtney!!!
— Sandra Horne