Tarot and Astrology are intuitive arts that can deepen our awareness of our selves, our life, and our universe.

My tarot deck was bought for me by my dad in an occult shop that I had to beg and convince him to even go into. I didn’t exactly know what it is was at the time but I knew I needed it. Over twenty years later, tarot is a regular part of my life and now part of my business. At first I just played with the cards. Eventually I read some books. I worked with friends who knew how to read. I pulled a card every day and studied the meaning. I still do. I have found some decks that speak to me and others that I just can’t get a good read on. I no longer have fav cards or ones I dread, but there are some that I will always feel akin to and others that make me weary. It was just a few years ago that it became easy for me to look at a spread and see the answers, the lessons, the web of meanings. It was then that I stopped second guessing myself and referencing something to check if I was right. I trusted that what I was seeing was what I was meant to see, what the person receiving the reading needed to know at the time. To me tarot is validation, a perspective switch, a step towards clarity, an invitation to deeper self awareness, an ease of mind, insight and guidance from the divine. When reading, I explain what I see, I explain the meanings of cards. Lately I straight up receive messages that I have pause to receive so that I can share them correctly. I am learning to quiet my own mind so I can listen, so I can interpret. I am not sure where it all comes from. I am still learning about my skills for myself. But just as I knew I needed this deck, I know I need to share them.



By having a reading, we may answer any questions you have, while providing a look into what may be coming up for you, as well as opening the door for you to receive divine messages, validation and perspectives on ideas you may feel stuck or curious about. I offer readings virtually and in person, as well as an amazing offer through the Modern Mystic Membership coming in November 2019.



I have been studying astrology since 2018 with my teacher Judi Vitale. The study of the planets and their movements allows for a deep sense of awareness for the self, the universe, and the cycles of life. Integrating this wisdom into my work has been fascinated and allowed for another opportunity for insight, growth, and an opportunity to receive divine guidance. I love sharing my astrological musings on social media and have used them to create rituals for the Modern Mystic Membership. As well as tarot, astrology will also be woven into our work during the transformative healing intensives I offer.