my story

I bought my first tarot deck when I was in middle school somewhere outside on Philadelphia through much pleading with my dad, who was skeptical about the potential of his daughter turning into a witch. And much like everything else in my life, it took me many years before I fully dove into it. This common thread amongst my interests that have now become my work used to frustrate me or feel like a lack of devotion that I would never be able to have, but I have learned over the many years that this way I relate to learning is actually a strength and my intuition paying off. I don't do something until it is the right time, and that may be a very long time, but once I do it it comes easily and it is feels familiar. With tarot, this is how it was. I played with it off and on over those years, but it wasn't until about 20 years, during a difficult time in which I was craving routine and answers, that I made tarot a practice by pulling one card each morning and reading about the card throughout the day. I slowly gained a grasp on the individual meanings, and eventually I started to realize that I could see a spread as a whole. The relationships between the cards started to put together pieces of puzzles to form an answer. There is still so much I have to learn with tarot, and I still consult my books for most readings, but now I feel connected to the cards in a way that allows me to share their wisdom with others. Below is a blog that I worked on in 2016 to further my study of tarot. I hope to get back to it one day, but as I explained, sometimes it takes me some time, or just the right time. I am now also currently studying astrology with Judi Vitale, so more on that it come in the future.

current offerings


Tarot readings are available by request individually or as a compliment to other services. Please email mscourtneysage@gmail.com to schedule.