birch & basil wellness presents...


a retreat day inspiring women to flourish

through mindfulness and wellbeing

on Saturday June 25 from 9 am to 6 pm

at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Pittsburgh

Cultivate is a one day urban retreat for women that features speakers and classes supporting the theme of mindfulness and well being. 

This is a day for cultivating community, wellness, and radiance. We wish to incite growth in all ways concerning conscious living for the women who attend to be inspired and flourish. 

Cultivate is a day for laughter, learning, connection, expansion, and support.


*an opening sister circle focused on opening your heart and aligning with your desires led by wholistic lifestyle coach Courtney Sage

*an all level iyengar yoga class and pranayama class by Iynegar yoga instructor Christina Sible

*an avocado toast brunch bar with fresh juice sampling by Salud Juicery

*a moving meditation with the Five Rhythms of the Soul and a presention on 'Learning the secrets to creating Success using the Law of Attraction' by life coach and transformation guide Melanie Fitzpatrick

*a presentation on body love and finding confidence through fitness by fitness and health coach Megan Sicheri

*a presentation on understanding and building responsible interracial relationship by identity navigation specialist Liana Maneese

*a presentation on balancing through food, self-care, and schedule while transitioning into summer by yoga and ayurveda practioner, Katherine Saviskas

*a presentation on the benefits of Aromatherapy by dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and Owner of EsScential Wellness, LLC, Ruthi Bosco

*a closing circle focused clearing fears and setting intentions led by wellness and mindfulness coach Amy Tate

*three course healthy dinner from Sweet Peaches over which to network, connect, and celebrate


$167 for all day access to the retreat, including all classes and speakers, brunch and dinner

EARLY BIRD RATE is $127 and is available until June 11. Use code earlybird at checkout.


You may purchase tickets through this website with the link below.



Courtney Sage is a licensed massage therapist, wholistic lifestyle coach, owner of birch & basil wellness, and mother of two beautiful children. She also blogs about mindfulness through the inspiration of tarot and creates health and beauty products using her study of aromatherapy. Courtney is a rebellious spirit, choosing to show up fully and authentically, on a forever journey in search of her own truths along with universal truths. She encourages her clients to write their own rules, lean into bliss, grasp their dreams, and embody wellness, as they join her on this path of discovery and fulfillment towards a life full of love that the truly love.

Christina Sible has been studying and teaching Iyengar method yoga for 15 years. She is a certified intermediate junior 1 Iyengar teacher. Her primary teachers include Sara Azarius, Lois Steinberg, Dean Learner, and Manuso Manos. She has also studied with Geeta Iyengar and a number of senior Iyengar teachers at the 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2013 Iyengar National Conventions. Iyengar yoga has an entry point for nearly everyone regardless of age, gender, or state of health. The postures are modified with props necessary to allow students to work at their appropriate level. A certified Iyengar teacher can guide all students to an experience of yoga, which safe, accessible, and progressive. Christina currently teaches at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Pittsburgh. She will be offering an all levels Iyengar yoga class and pranayama class at the retreat.

Megan Sicheri is a certified Fitness and Health Coach. She has spent 10+ years in the fitness industry helping people improve their fitness and health. She loves teaching group classes and training with clients one on one. She speaks to women of all ages about body image and her passion is to help women find confidence through fitness. She is dedicating to making Pittsburgh a healthier city and encouraging people to move more! She loves brussel sprouts, spandex, and red wine. You can find more about her at During her presentation you will consider... Do you want to love your body right now? Not seven pounds from now or a tighter booty from now. Your body deserves love right now, just as you are. We are all on a journey physically and mentally at any given time. Let's make today's journey the happiest, healthiest, and most confident. 

Liana Maneese, a identity navigation specialist, will be presenting on understanding and building responsible interracial relationships. Her organization, Adopting Identity, specializes in creative and cultural problem-solving through identity navigation, building and honoring resilience and dynamic team building. We are a growing, multidisciplinary team that seeks to fill a gaps in systems, self, and community through supporting people living in intersecting spaces.

Katherine Saviskas, a yoga and ayurveda practioner, will be presenting on balancing food, self-care, and schedule while transitioning into summer.

Melanie Fitzpatrick is a Life Coach and Transformation Guide, Women's Circle Guide, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator fueled by her passion and belief that Women are the change makers the world needs right now, Melanie is committed to guiding women in midlife transitions by helping them navigate the difficult blocks and inertia that can occur personally and professionally, in order to gain the necessary clarity and momentum to reach the full potential of the vision they hold for themselves. She will be offering a moving mediation with the Five Rhythms of the Soul and a talk on learning the secrets to creating success using the Law of Attraction, in which you will learn the art of manifesting your desires and understand what block your ability to achieve.

Ruthi Bosco is currently a Platinum Ranked Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA International, a global company with a mission to share the life-enhancing benefits of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils with the world. Bosco’s interest and passion of over 40 years in the fields of Aromatherapy, natural, and herbal health has led her to create EsScential Wellness, LLC, helping others to empower their health. She is certified in the AromaTouch Technique, the Co-Author of the "Everyday Cooking with Essential Oils” cookbook, and provides free weekly classes in McMurray, PA. For further information and a class schedule, please contact Ruthi at 724-941-6799 or To shop, visit

As a circle leader and a holistic wellness & mindfulness coach, Amy Tate takes pride in awakening women to their true power.  Through exploring one’s own relationship to self and relationships with others Amy takes the curious minded on a sobering inner and outer journey of the soul, finding untapped sources of bliss.  She leads an assisted journey of introspection, self-discovery, divine purpose and spiritual connection with the use of yogic techniques, meditation, journaling & self-mastery. Her circle work includes creating a sacred space for women to explore the depths of their souls through authentic expression, connection and expansion.  It is through these intentionally formed communities women are able to bond with each other in an authentic way and weave together to form the fabric of sisterhood. With love, Amy shows women how to embrace their sisters through creating a safe container for each other to be who they are authentically in unconditional acceptance and celebration. During her closing circle, retreat participants will come together one final time as they prepare to depart for the day and deepen into the bonds which they have been forming amongst each other throughout the day.  Participants, will clear non-supportive fears, create new space for supportive beliefs and take an intention with them for creation as they depart from the retreat.  

Bek Hlavach, the proud owner of Sweet Peaches, will be serving a three course dinner. She is the sole chef, the friendly server, the never-enough-time-to-get-it-all-done small-business person, and single mother of awesome 11-year-old twins. Life is crazy. Life is good. And life deserves crazy good food. That’s why she has dedicated Sweet Peaches to bringing people together to enjoy food in the family tradition, to serving the best seasonal & local ingredients, to creating meals worth talking over—and about. Learn more about Sweet Peaches

At the core of Salúd Juicery, is a genuine passion for people and the goal of spreading health in every aspect of life. Our passion is providing healing and wellness support that enable you to incorporate balanced lifestyle and dietary choices to be your best self:   Mind,  Body and Spirit. We have locations in Shadyside and Sewickley. You may find more about us at


The Iyengar Yoga Institute of Pittsburgh is a spacious studio located in the heart of East Liberty at 6016 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206. They believe that no one is too stiff, too out of shape, or too old to begin Iyengar yoga. Problem solving is the basis of their teaching methodology. Contact the studio or drop in for a class to discuss your goals and condition and they will help you set a course of action for you to develop at you appropriate pace. All that is required is a willingness to learn and to face your challenges steadily, one step at a time. You may find out more at