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my story

Honestly energy work was not what I thought I would be drawn to when I went to massage school. I took my first Reiki class because it was on my curriculum as an elective, so I gave it a shot. That class was not even the thing that won with me over with energy work. It has been the experience I have gained since. I believe that when you open yourself up to something, it can be like the flood gates of the universe open and spill out knowledge or whatever you opened up to. So unintentionally with that first Reiki class, I believe that is what happened. As I continued through massage school, I began to feel more when I worked on clients or other students or friends. I once asked my teacher why I could feel currents or waves and pulses or rhythms within people bodies. And was given the answer that it is an energetic healing pulse of energy. So being the person I am, extremely curious and always wanting to find out more in hopes of an answer, I pursued energy work. I studied chakra balancing and crystal healing, and eventually Reiki 2. I also took Craniosacral massage which deals the energy and rhythm of the spinal cord, which I know deepened my intuitive touch.  But I truly think I had my energetic breakthrough in Mexico on a retreat this November 2017. I provided services for the women on the retreat for 8 hours a day for 7 days in the Amazon jungle off the grid. I think I tapped into something deeper there and ever since I am called to share my ability to work with energy even further in my practice. I truly believe that we are energetic beings, so that before something manifests physically or mentally, it is already in our energy opening up vulnerably. Energy work takes us to the source.

 current offerings:

I currently offer Reiki and Chakra Balancing in addition to or during all massage therapy services or intensive sessions. Please specify when booking or at time of service. I recommend booking a 90 minute or longer service if you are interested in receiving energy work. This allows for adequate time to receive your service, while also allowing for time to me to explain what I discover if you wish for a reading of your energy. Please email me with any questions involving energy work at

benefits of energy work:

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  • deep relaxation
  • assists healing
  • promotes mental, emotional, and physical well being
  • reduces stress
  • pain relief
  • relieves anxiety
  • connection with your whole self
  • opportunity to gain awareness and insight
Courtney Sage has completely changed the way I move about my day, literally and figuratively. She incorporates energy healing into physical healing seamlessly, and she understands bodies, souls and emotional wellbeing far beyond any other masseuse or energy worker I’ve ever encountered. I cannot recommend her enough, and I truly feel I’ve found the best that Pittsburgh and Michigan have to offer in Courtney.
— Cait Dicicco
"Just yesterday, I got to experience Courtney and her work. It was so undeniable and completely transparent what happened when I asked her to clear the energy that was vibrating around me. It was like a siphon- unexpected but so powerful. These are truly healing hands. All the woo and all the right things happen when you put yourself in Courtney's hands. Than you for being you and exploring energy work and Reiki."                                                                                                                                                                       -Melissa Lucciola, FluidMotion