Birch and Basil

Birch and Basil was created to embody the unique range of my work, which all holds the same intention... to enhance the alignment of body, mind, and energy. My mission is to support you on your journey to a life you love, through discovering how to embrace and align all aspects of your self, so that you may expand and elevate your well being.

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  • signifies new beginnings
  • symbolizes renewal since this tree sheds its' bark
  • first tree to grow back after forest fire
  • represents adaptability and will to thrive
  • bark will ignite and burn even while damp
  • facilitates passion and growth

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  • deflects negativity
  • symbol of love
  • invokes happiness
  • stimulates conscious mind
  • restores and balances bio-energetic field
  • connecting energy from heart to hands through opening the heart meridian

Courtney Sage

I am a massage therapist, intuitive energy worker, wholistic lifestyle coach, and registered yoga teacher. I am also a mother of two awesome kids and one spoiled staffordshire terrier. I call Pittsburgh and Detroit home, as I travel on to the next adventure as much as possible. I am devoted to encouraging others to write their own rules as they follow their own path, discovering their own truths and embracing their own flow, while allowing for healing and alignment in their body, mind, and energy, so that they are able to create an empowered life, authentically and always with love. 


Sunshine and the ocean are my religion. Tarot is one of my gurus and the wolf is my spirit animal. My intuition guides my work and most of my life. I am overly curious and want to solve all of the puzzles. I am not afraid to drop everything, pack up the car, and drive. When energy speaks, I try my best to listen. I love to be in love. I also love wine. I am an introvert with extrovert tendencies.  Divine timing is everything.  If I lived by waves, I would surf everyday, but instead I paddle board most days of summer. In winter, I live in books. I believe that everything is connected and understanding that web is a key to understanding ourselves, and maybe even the universe. I want to be a writer when I grow up. Sometimes I go big, sometimes I go home. Mostly I do what I want. The art of healing has and will always intrigue and drive me. Serving people is one of my purposes. Another is to continually discover bliss. Both of those things are made easier by practicing gratitude. I am so very grateful, especially that I have shown up for myself to create the life I desire and now I get to be here to share how with the world.