my coaching story

I came to coaching through realizing there was more needed when it came to healing than just the physical. I began at Institute for Integrative Nutrition but found that just focusing on nutrition was not my calling and really just another way of focusing on the physical. My dear friend and life coach, Emily Cassel, pointed me in the direction of a life coaching program by Jeannine Yoder called Mentor Masterclass, and it was definitely calling me. The year program in 2015 not only taught me skills necessary for coaching, but allowed me to go on a personal journey. All of the skills, techniques, and exercises that I was learning, I practiced on myself. That is what made me believe in the power of this process. I became a different person, or really more myself, within that year. Although I practiced and wrote and worked with some clients since, it really took me until now in 2018 to feel fully ready to dive into a coaching practice. The last few years were a period of integration of what I had learned and how I had changed, establishing a lifestyle that was aligned with my new beliefs, values, and desires. But doing the work, although it took a lot of patience and devotion, was so worth it and now here I am!

As a life coach, my largest intention is to let people know that they can change everything and be anything. Through this work, we can heal our pasts, envision our futures, and create our present. And specifically with the work I do, we will focus on your present. I want to support you in becoming the leader of your life, empowered in your flow, embracing your journey. I want to help you enhance and elevate all that you already are, so that you can become the version of yourself you desire to be. I want to guide the way from experience of having been there. I wish to help you release all that is not serving you and manifest all that you want to attract. I want to help you find the clarity to make decisive actions to create the life you dream of. Aligned, authentic, on purpose, in flow, empowered.