Align with the Seasons 


a subscription box for you body, mind, and energy

when we can align our outer worlds and inner worlds, we are integrate the forces for our full wholistic potential. winter is a great to time to begin tuning into this process. we must listen before we act. we must slow down to be able to hear. we must allow so that that we may witness. we can witness all the comes to the surface from our depths as we move through this season. i have come to honor winter, just as i have with all seasons, just as i have with all sides of myself. it is all of it, light and shadows and everything in between, that makes us whole. this wholeness is an ancient wisdom. and the inspiration for me creating this series and subscription. 
the virtual box and physical box align, so dive into both for the full potential of this offering, as my intention is for it all to support you in discovering alignment as you dive into the season. below, i dive into the details . . .

Physical Box:


for you body…

*floral charcoal scrub

*grounding bath salts

*self massage tool

*winter tea blend with infuser


for your mind…


*lavender eye pillow

*aromatherapy mist

*frame for your mantras


for your energy…

*palo santo

*tourmaline crystal

*silver candle

*sunflower seeds with small pot

Virtual Box:

For your body: one hour yoga class

For your mind: one and half hour masterclass

For your energy: six minute meditation

Plus… journal prompts, action steps, winter baking ritual, and my monthly themed action worksheet, and email support for me

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