my yoga story

Making yoga an addition to the services I offer just feels like a natural progression, allowing me to better serve my clients in a wholistic way.  Massage gives me the opportunity to make changes in the body through therapeutic touch while facilitating a chance to release tension and stress through relaxation. Yoga extends this opportunity for me by providing the tools to send clients home with ways to continue the benefits of their massage.

In 2017, I completed Healthy Body Peaceful Soul 200 hour yoga teacher training at Inhale Pittsburgh with Janna Hockenjos and Joni Sturgill. I am now a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (ID #250579).

I first did yoga in high school, and I say 'did' instead of 'practice' because it did not become a regular practice for me until about 18 years later. I took some classes on and off through those 18 years and felt good pretty much every time I did, but I could not settle into it. It felt too slow, too structured, too quiet. I had been living in a go-go-go place and yoga could not get me out of it enough for me to enjoy it. It wasn't until I embraced a different pace in my lifestyle that yoga was able to sneak in regularly. And as it did, it became not only a pleasure, but a sort of necessity. Yoga blended the mindset and movement. It became a place to retreat to on my mat, and on my mat I only had myself and yoga to worry about. I found my place in yoga and am excited to integrate it into my personal and professional life. 

My progression was expedited as I was working out of a yoga studio, but it really did tie everything together for me. After all the work I had done to get where I was at, yoga brought it back for me, back to just doing something that felt good. Moving was always my meditation, how I relieved stress, how I became more present, how I was able to look inward, how I was able to create change in the moment. Yoga was that. And now it all ties together so seamlessly for me. I get to move. I get to use my intuition. I get to teach. I get to share. I get to heal. I get to serve. And I am happy.


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