My path of transformation has been ever present, sometimes waxing and sometimes waning. But it has been building momentum over the past five years, with a particular emphasis on attention and intention in the last fifteen months. I have always sought to discover the truths that hide in the depths of the ocean that is our being, whether it is the light that shimmers on the surface or what lies in the obscured beneath.  I am mesmerized by the idea of knowing more, by uncovering what lies beyond the barriers that have been created for us, or by us. I am propelled to learn how to ride the wave, to not be drug under by the current, to avoid stagnation, to constantly evolve . 

In these past fifteen months, I have found myself in a rapid state of growth, that has caused me to move beyond the barrier that had kept me stagnant. Through my willingness to move through the currents and the depths, I have now found myself at a beach beyond the barrier, looking out onto the vastness of the ocean, mesmerized by the beauty of what possibility this horizon holds. I did not just happen upon this place, but sought it out, with intention and attention. I’m here to share with you my method, that I discovered throughout my journey, that supported my arrival to this place of beauty and bliss.

As with everything in life, this method is not necessarily meant to be linear, but does happen to fall in a line, or maybe a circle. But nonetheless it consists of carefully placed maneuvers, that as i came upon them, i practiced and strengthened them. Following the methodology will be much like learning how to ride a wave... you must be aware and intentional, otherwise you risk being pulled under or swept onto shore a bit battered. I created the steps that represent how I was able to reach this beach and find the right waves, but this process is a lifelong adventure. Much like the high and low tide, they are constant and are guided by the moon, an external force. Tides are never the same, but follow patterns, which with awareness you will come to understand. There will always be an external force affecting our own tides, but you will discover to work with it or let it go. At times, you may find yourself being taken over by a current that is stronger than you, but when you come out from under it, you will know you have the strength and desire to swim back out and find the wave that is just right for you. And this is where we will embrace our empowered flow.

As we work through this method of learning how "to ride the wave," I encourage you to allow for the fluidity of the movement, working with it instead of against it, learning how to appreciate the tides, understanding which waves to let go and which ones to catch. You must embrace the uneasiness as first catching the wave,  but loving your own willingness to show up, fall, and get back up again. During this process, you will be discovering the truths that give you the patience and devotion to tune into the authenticity of what works as you ride each unique wave. It is your journey and although it may not always appear graceful, you will hold the intention to show up fully and openly.

Like the moon, this transformation will wax and wane. Your being will be moved like the tides as this occurs, but your intention will remain constant. It is that which will propel you to move past any barriers that are keeping you from finding the beach of your dreams, with just the right  waves for you to ride.  When you arrive and look beyond where the ocean and sky meet at the horizon, the sun will be glowing brightly with the light of possibility for your happiness.


The intention of this course is to embrace empowered flow. The focus will ultimately be balance... to live intentionally, but with flexibility... to be grounded, but able to bend... to embrace flow, but powerfully.  You will grasp the ability to truly love the journey and find strength within the movement it demands. You will work on feeling in control, even when there is so much not in your control. This process begins by choosing to show up. How you show up determines how empowered you can be in a situation. Something may present itself in your life that is difficult to face or to overcome, but you can still choose to find ease, grace, and your intention throughout that process or flow. You do not have to welcome the difficulties, but you can welcome the wisdom and strength you gain from moving through them. You will be creating a lifestyle, rather than just getting to one goal or getting over one obstacle. What you will gain from this method will give you the ability to apply these steps to whatever comes up within the journey or flow of your life. You will become empowered to work with this flow instead of against it, to truly embrace it. Within this lifestyle, you will feel gratitude for all that comes up, but most importantly for yourself for showing up. Embracing empowered flow brings an awareness to your life that enlivens your being and allows you to ride the wave skillfully.


The steps of my method are as follows... unfolding, releasing, accepting, authenticity, tuning in to our desires/emotions, establishing new beliefs, trusting ourselves, deepening intuition, aligning, embracing ease, devotion/love as practice, integrating. It is a process and each step builds from the other one, but as I described above this is your journey and you may move at your own pace in your own fashion. I am providing a guideline, in which we will go in to each step in detail. We work on discovering how this step can apply to your life by digging deeper with journal prompts and through integration with action steps. Support and accountability will be available through coaching calls with me and Facebook group access with other people working on and through the program. This course is a personal journey in which I will be your guide and my method will lay the groundwork for you to build your own path.