Please join me for a workshop! I am currently teaching at Garden of Mind Wellness and Yoga Studio at 5400 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. You are welcome to drop in or you may register for my workshops at Stay tuned for upcoming dates!

"Clarifying Your Vision and Authentic Goal-setting"

In this workshop, we will clarify your vision by learning to ask power questions, write a purpose statement, align our values, and discover our core desired feelings. We learn how to set authentic goals that are not only purpose driven, but also soul-centered. We will create a unique vision board for you to take home. You may attend this workshop once or for all three sessions throughout the semester, as we will dig deeper and build on these ideas each time.

"Creating Ritual & Routine surrounding Self-care"

We discuss the basics of self-care and how to include it in our daily lives as a fulfilling routine. We will discuss creating a reasonable schedule that includes self-care, celebration, and soul-centered tasks. We create a morning and/or evening ritual tailored to you that is achievable, sustainable, and has a positive affect of your the your life. You may attend one of these workshops or all, as we will dig deeper and build on these ideas throughout the semester.